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Session Fees

Booking Sessions: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and major bank cards are accepted. You may book, change, or cancel appointments on the Scheduler.

30 minutes:

$50 (minimum booking)

60 minutes:


If you book a 30-minute session and during the session, you decide to extend your session to 60 minutes, you may do so providing I do not have another client booked at that time slot. If we extend, you agree to make payment of the $25 balance upon completion of our session.


I will let you know 5 minutes before our scheduled time is up so we can talk about anything else that’s important to you before we close. I will not bill you if we go 5 minutes past our session and I will always let you know if we’re approaching an over-time that requires further billing so you have the option of closing our session.

Minimum # of Sessions

Unlike most health coaches, I do not ask for you to commit to a minimum number of sessions nor do I price sessions by the bundle. I never want you to feel locked in. On the contrary, I want you to feel like you can’t wait for our next session! And if you just have one issue you want to brainstorm with me, I want you to feel free to do that without buying a whole bundle.

It makes no difference where you live.


I can meet with you online using web conferencing (no extra charge for you), or if you prefer, we can Skype, FaceTime, or talk on the phone. Of course if you’re here in my hometown of San Antonio, Texas, we can meet somewhere locally.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your appointment and reschedule, please contact me by email, text, or phone as soon as you know. Life happens and we can’t avoid unexpected emergencies. I get it. However, this is a business and a broken appointment without proper notice affects my bottom line. I hope you understand that unless it’s a dire emergency, a client who does not show up for the booked appointment and does not give me a minimum 24-hour notice will be billed a cancellation fee of $25. Of course, legitimate emergencies are exceptions.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Refund Policy

I’d never want you to pay for a session you didn’t feel was beneficial. Before the end of each session, I will ask you if you are satisfied with our session. If you are not, I will refund 100% of your session fee. I think it only fair that your full refund would constitute an agreement that our coaching partnership is not what you expected and our coaching relationship would be automatically terminated. It’s a two-way street and if it doesn’t work for both of us, well then, it just doesn’t work and we can part friends with no hard feelings. I hope my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee gives you complete confidence in your decision to enter into a coaching relationship. This Refund Policy does not apply to Groups.

Group Rates

Group Coaching is a wonderful alternative if one-on-one sessions are cost prohibitive. Groups offer a lot of interaction with peers sharing similar struggles and successes. Research confirms that patient/client outcomes are very likely to improve in group settings. Learn more about my group sessions here.

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