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America is in a chronic disease crisis.

There are a lot of threats to our country right now. But the single largest threat to America is our health crisis.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s latest statistics, roughly half of all adults suffer from at least one chronic health condition, with a quarter of all adults suffering from two or more. Chronic diseases are responsible for 7 out of every 10 deaths in the U.S., killing more than 1.7 million Americans every year.

A quick glance at the chart shows the rapid rate of increase in chronic diseases.

By 2030, chronic diseases will affect an estimated:


MILLION Americans



Our healthcare system is not working.

Our healthcare system does not focus on prevention. Our health condition has to become acute before a diagnosis is made and then the solution is either expensive and harsh pharmaceutical drugs that have a long list of long-term side effects or invasive surgery.

Are you satisfied with that type of system?

Is it working for you?

There is an evolution of medicine movement.


You have choices now that you never had before. Practitioners around the globe are bravely transitioning to a new healthcare model that works. Phenomenal clinical outcomes are repeated over and over again! Functional Medicine doctors are in demand. Just check out the waiting list for Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Functional Medicine. Unlike conventional medicine, they look at your body as a whole, a system that is integrated (mind, body, and spirit) and after hearing your story, all the way from when you were conceived to the present day, they go to work to find root causes of your problems, rather than just treating the symptoms.


Until now, however, there was a missing piece in the new model. Patients had a need that doctors couldn’t, in all practicality, fill. They needed more support on putting protocols into place and answering questions that would come up after they left the doctor’s office with a diagnosis they’d never heard of before in the conventional medicine world. They needed someone who understood Functional Medicine principles, who could give them a running head start to reach new goals they never dreamed would be possible! I know because that’s what I went through and you can read about that here. That missing piece of the puzzle has now been filled with the Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. I am one of the first graduates of the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy.

You don’t have to stay STUCK in the old system.

This is a new exciting model of healthcare where you, the patient/client can be a part of co-creating your own plan that is custom fit by you and for you.


A plan that lines up with your




Core Values



Working with a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach is the perfect solution!



I can help save you a lot of money. I use the same Functional Medicine Living Matrix program used at the Cleveland Clinic. If we decide that you have more complex issues that need the specialized attention of a Functional Medicine doctor, you can enter into that doctor-patient relationship with all the groundwork covered.  Or maybe you’re already under the care of a Functional Medicine Doctor and you need some extra support in reaching your goals. I’ve been trained to work alongside your Functional Medicine Doctor, conferring with them about their goals for you and your progress. You may be going to a conventional healthcare provider but are frustrated with the results and not getting any better. I can help you. And I can confer with your provider if you want. We can get you unstuck.

I have clients whose symptoms have reversed.

I’m new at this but have been extremely gratified to see my client’s long-term symptoms disappear. I’m not presumptuous to think every single symptom of every single client will disappear but I’m hopeful that if you have the willingness to change some hard-wired habits that have been sabotaging you, then we can accomplish amazing things together.

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